Inspired by all those people living in the slums,ghettos and tough neighbourhoods who have a dream,a burning ambition to succeed in life.

Ghetto Prayer

Dear Lord,
as we are down here,
struggling for as long as we know,
in search of a paradise we can touch,
dreams are dreams,and reality....
seems to be the only place to go to,
the only place for us,
I know we are making the best of a bad situation,
this seems to be my life story,
there is no glory in pain,a soldier's story,in vain
no one can live this life for me,
this is a ride,a long hard ride,
a long hard ride with a smooth end.

Poetry by Mike
Read 470 times
Written on 2006-04-15 at 06:26

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matthew chilufya
you speak from the heart..well written