Inspired by all those people living in the slums,ghettos and tough neighbourhoods who have a dream,a burning ambition to succeed in life.

Still I rise

wake me up from this dream
I was a seed of semen
swimming upstream
stranded in the womb
I am dreaming...
on the top was my father
my mother screamed stop!
from a single drop
this is what they got
no disrespect to my father
but the man was a loser
the only plan he had for mother
was to f**k her and abuse her
even as a little seed I could see his plan
living hand to mouth...another broken family
what could I do? the product of a seed of passion
mother got pregnant..father got some action
look how it all began..nobody cared for me
thought of suicide..thought the world would not miss me
how can I survive? I am asking all these questions
will I live or die? nobody can see us in the ghetto
covered by deep,dark clouds...with no sunshine
no sunny days..we only play some times..when everybody's sleeping
I open my window..head for the streets to earn a living
I may live or die..I hope to get rich before I am gone
only nineteen...trying hard to live on my own
in the ghetto where everyone wants to earn a living too
I would like to go to college but this education is much more valuable
do not get this goes on...from dusk to dawn
you can buy sex,drugs,jewellery...or even death
ask my best friend,he is a mind reader
reading intentions of the people in my neighbourhood
he urges me to be strong and to never give up
I was born not to make it...but I did
these are the tribulations of living in the ghetto
but still I rise

Poetry by Mike
Read 579 times
Written on 2006-04-15 at 06:47

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Onyeka Nwelue
This is a great work. Must read.

Yes - still you rise and this is just the beginning ...changing life is difficult knowing what we come from is very important and your beautiful poem is letting us know a little more about you A beautiful poem! wishing you joy-Pia

you speak for me dear friend.

timmy davis
you speak for all those downtrodden,hopless people who have the will and drivwe to get out of their current situaition.APTly put .


matthew chilufya
well captured..mike..keep it up

matthew chilufya
well captured..mike..keep it up