As I Sit Wondering...

As I sit wondering, hungry, homeless and whithered,
I see people scurrying past me as if I am not there,
I watch the streets with glassy eyes, all my thoughts are dithered,
Head bowed, legs crossed, but my soul gasps for air.

As I sit wondering, I wonder if I have a soul,
Maybe I do not, as I do not fit in this world,
With all those smiling faces and gaits so bold,
They seem so cherished, their souls well deserved.

As I sit wondering, a bell chimes behind me,
As the door opens and closes, blowing a gust of smell,
It makes my stomach grumble, I turn and see,
People eating and laughing, listening to high stories they tell.

As I sit wondering, I fold my hands and assure my heart,
That I am not cold, that this biting wind is just petting my back,
To tell me that I am alive, and I feel, living in life's cart,
That craddles me even when I surfeit from the knack.

The sky darkens, the breeze bitters,
I lay down on the stinging pavement, shuddering,
I close my eyes and see it again, all the jitter,
The day's images haunting me, of when I sat wondering.

Poetry by Saniya Fayaz
Read 888 times
Written on 2014-03-01 at 21:52

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Nabeela Altaf
That I am not cold, that this biting wind is just petting my back- this line was well put.