Pitch black the night
Looks down at the earth with a condescending gaze.
As if it would set everything ablaze;
With just its stare and watch with delight.

To the earth the night looked dark, yet serene,
With flickering lights glittering their beam.
Mimicking the melody of a harp if it could be seen.

But the little, sparkling star was told,
It had to shine, not shudder with cold.

"I do not want to glow anymore.
"The light hurts me, a good night's sleep is all I need."

"But it is who you are," says the bigger star.
"You twinkle, you glitter, you grow.
"The earth expects you to wink at it from time to time,
"To assure your presence, your sparkle is a sign."

LS: "Why Can't I be a part of the earth?"

BS: "Because you are not meant to be."

LS: "It is tiring, shining all night.
"I wish to vanish from the sight."

BS: "Forever lose your light?"

LS: "Rest in peace."

BS: "But peace is not yours to keep.
" Your radiance, your twinkle, your flicker, your glow,
" All belong to the power- the strong force of hope."

LS:" This is too much for me, I cannot cope.
"My differences call me down;
In a place with no reason to frown."

BS: "You will suffer without a gleam."

LS: "Then a stone, I wish to be."

BS: "What is it that you will gain?"

LS: "I will lose this pride,
It is a bane."

The little star with all its might,
Shone the brightest, bestowing its last light.

Its strings detached from heaven's abode,
Down to the earth, a lovely traverse it rode.

Settling to the ground, It became a mere meteorite,
Its lucence gone, never it yearned for the height.

It raised its eyes to see the bigger star shining bold,
"I feel the twinkle and the glitter, all inside, dancing with my soul."


Poetry by Saniya Fayaz
Read 812 times
Written on 2014-05-15 at 10:15

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Nabeela Altaf
The thought, the conversation was downright awesome!

Brilliant! Brilliant!
I loved your poem! The thought and delivery awesome!