over time we all change.sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse but we all change.this poem is a reflection of a young lady looking back on her life.

if only

If only I could be as beautiful as she,
her big ebony eyes staring back at me,
cutting through my soul,
searching deep into my heart
Burning through the fire of my desires,
the pain of my youth.

If only i could have what she has,
an innocence none can surpass
a sense of right,
in a world of wrongs.
a knowledge of who she is,
a commitment to all this.

If only I could see the future as she does,
colourful, bright,hopeful,
the joy of yesterday and the hope of today
her eyes twinkling with the thought of tomorrow,
what it holds,
what is untold,
what she longs to know.

If only she could share my sorrow,
for yesterday's mistakes,
for today's regrets,
for tomorrow's hopelessness.
if only she could help me push back time
to when ignorance was bliss
to when my world was pure and innocent
to when i was like her.

i will never be the gal in the mirror
staring back at me with big ebony eyes,
for yesterday is gone,
the smiles have faded.

if only she could realise it all,
maybe her smile would fade
and she would help me catch my tears as they fall.

If only!

care bear

Poetry by care bear
Read 543 times
Written on 2006-04-19 at 12:40

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