this is a poem i wrote to a friend who was leaving.just thot ad share.


More love than u can ever imagine,
more joy than u have ever known,
more grace to get you through each day,
more strength as you go your way.

brighter mornings as you rise up,
beautiful sunsets as you get back.
greater awareness to keep track
of the seconds, the minutes,
the days,
of ur life.

greater peace than the ocean can hold,
happiness, fun and smiles untold
to get you through this journey
we call life.
to keep u alive in spirit and mind.
to show u the way and be your guide.

i can wish you many things
to fill your heart and fulfill your dreams
but as you go,
wherever you will be,
these wishes are what i make for thee.


Poetry by care bear
Read 512 times
Written on 2006-05-03 at 06:53

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