too many of us go through relnships wondering whether the other person love us.whether we are in love with them.too many questions.I say just live in the moment!

What is love?

What is love
that like a sheep in the slaughter
should make me suffer so?
what is love
that peace of mind it shall never let me know?
Some say it is a feeling,
some say it is an action,
A strong reaction.

Love makes me think of ur smile
on a rainy day,
ur wonderful brown eyes as i gaze into them,
lost in a world.
love makes my heart race miles and miles,
till i lose my breath.
or is it just that you take my breath away?

the thoughts of u linger on in my mind,
hour after hour,
day after day.
my feelings i cannot hide
a strong feeling inside,
is this love?

What is love that men search for it?
all part of the journey.
what is love
that it inspires a sweetness
as that of honey,
even in the toughest of men?
what is love
that people r remembered for it?
think of the great Casanova.
what is love
that the story of Romeo and Juliet
is known the world over?

Love makes the world go round
makes men and women to be bound,
by its strong chords,
unable to let themselves loose,
unable to set themselves free.
slaves to a feeling,
an action,
a strong reaction.

What is love?
can anyone answer me?

i dont know what love is,
but i know how love feels.
i know of the warm feeling inside
when i think of him.
i know of the lengths i would go to
just to be with him.
i know the dreams i have
of spending my whole life with him.
i dont know what love is
but am basking in its glory!


Poetry by care bear
Read 564 times
Written on 2006-04-20 at 09:39

Tags Love 

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lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
at your age no need to worry you will have them climbing the wall for you lolololol rgds mike