The poem is about the contrasts between two characters in a relationship or even in life and the inevitable side effects of a biased partnership.

You Push, I Slip

I hide, you seek. I cry, you creep. I twist, you spin. I'm out, you're in.
You trip, I fall. You kneel, I crawl. You scream, I shout. You're in, I'm out.
I beg, you laugh. I try, you half. I pray, you sin. I'm out, you're in.
You sleep, I wake. You triumph, I break. You flood, I drought. You're in, I'm out.
I give, you take. I invest, you stake. I lose, you win. I'm out, you're in.
You lie, I shrug. You hit, I hug. You cheat, I doubt. You're in, I'm out.

I cut, you yell. You heaven, I hell. I strangle, you din. You're out, I'm in.
You plead, I decline. I carve, you whine. You whimper, I bout. I'm in, you're out

I kiss, you die. I kiss, you goodbye. I kiss, your soul. You're half and I'm whole.

Poetry by Shas Ramlogan
Read 1013 times
Written on 2006-04-22 at 19:06

Tags Love  Relationship  Hate 

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Amanda K
I felt like am torn between the two of u. it's funny and stubborn. A great job Shas

Love Knight
I love that flow. Keep it up.

A lot going on in this one--very well written piece!

Mischa Ash Brookes
i agree. this poem is a creative, powerful and brilliant piece of poetry that totally blew me away. i have no idea how u can continuous write poems of such great quality but i hope u continue too. excelent.

This is so good that I'm jealous... I wish I'd wrote it myself................

It's just freaking awesome.

I'd get you a blue ribbon or a diamond or something, but I'm broke. Here, have a Snickers instead (and sorry for the missing bite, I couldn't help myself :))

HOW did you put something that flowing, that impossibly mind-blowing, into words?

Zoya Zaidi
Very interesting, lovely flow.
Just goes see-sawing through your mind as you go read through this...
The refrain, "you're in, I am out,'
And vice versa, is very charming too.
Another nice piece, dear Shas!
Welcome again to the bay!
Love xxx, Zoya