Next Departure To Hell Leaves At Old Oak

I lay beneath the oak tree watching you swing
The leaves blending perfectly against the clearing
The sunset bled orange and blotted the sky
Dried leaves flaking in the blink of an eye
Your hair cascading beneath your bent face
Wrapping your body in a sweet embrace
The wind rippling madly the flow of your skirt
Whisking your outline in a decadent flirt
Dark clouds approach submerging the plains
The sunset fades defeated to thunderous rains
Your hair flails dripping lifeless and wet
Thrashing violently in a glowing silhouette
Your knees stop shaking as the wind dies down
Your face turns blue with a permanent frown
From luscious to charred, I kiss your lips
And wipe your stained tears with my finger tips
But now you must bid the old oak adieu
For as your feet sway, you hinder my view
And although with much charm you modeled this rope
The moment has come for the noose and I to elope
So I don this death choker beneath the moonlight
And recoil from the Fires to bid you goodnight

Poetry by Shas Ramlogan
Read 1155 times
Written on 2006-04-24 at 02:12

Tags Love  Death  Suicide 

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Haunting images here..great job!

Mischa Ash Brookes
the twist of this poem left me reeling. what starts off as a brilliant piece of descriptive happiness twists in horror when all the events are known. u have such an imagination

This was a pleasure to read,descriptive and flowing and well thought through.

Kathy Lockhart
Beauty and the Beast. The poem is so beautiful with its showy, descriptive, flowing words....then turns to the Beast when the complete message is read! What a twist. This was enthralling!!!! Very well done. : ) kathy