My view on gender inequality.

I am a Woman

I am a woman
But it doesn't mean I am weak
I can do what a man can
So please let me speak

I didn't choose to be a woman
So why blame me?
God created us equally
So why push gender inequality?

I am a woman
And I love being me
I can do what a man can
So please let me be.

Poetry by Zelle
Read 906 times
Written on 2014-10-10 at 17:07

Tags Woman  Gender  Inequality 

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Nabeela Altaf
Of course you can do anything; you're a woman :)

There is nothing as wonderful as being a woman, and if you ask me, we can do much more than most men can. We are each individuals with our strengths and weaknesses but as a gender, we are mentally stronger and more resilient, in general, and able to cope with the most difficult of situations better than many men. We've had to work harder to prove ourselves so we are more efficient than many as well. I know I can't lift a 100 lb. weight onto my shoulders, but I can probably find another way to move it! Good write.

Ivan R
In accordance to the Nobel Peace-prize winner yesterday, Malala Yousafzai, this text of yours is as important and as valid about the way this world treats men better than women, which really is not a good way to go, equality Is the Right way to move forward with, that will make this world a better place than with only men talking, thinking, or learning ...
This Nobel Price is a great way of backing women up, telling the world that women are to be heard, and more so;
women are equal.