This poem was a whisper from my God, my Father Almighty. He reminds me that no matter what happen He will always be here for us... for every one of us.

I am Here

When life seems to be so dark
That you stumble on every step a part
Rememner that I am here by your side
Guiding and walking with you side-by-side

When life seems to be so unfair
That you always lose no matter what's the game
Remember that I am here, holding your hand
To remind you to smile and not to rant

When life seems so cold and blue
And nobody's there to hug you
Remember that I am here, I will never leave you
Because you are special, my child, and I love you.

Poetry by Zelle
Read 912 times
Written on 2014-12-02 at 15:32

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