If Destiny is Real

They said destiny put us together
It's destiny that brought us together
Destiny will keep us stronger
Destiny, they said will keep us forever

They said we're destined to be with each other
Even the stars cooperate with one another
The sun together with the planets revealed
You and I also agreed

But if destiny is real, then why am I here
In another man's arm, don't know what brought me here?
If destiny is real, what are you doing there?
With a woman beside, I don't know what happened.

Why destiny taught me to love you?
I don't even have a clue
What made you fall for me?
If we are not really meant to be

If destiny is real, then why are we apart?
With the same old feelings remain in our hearts
If destiny is real and we're not meant to be together
Then, I wouldn't believe that destiny is forever.

Poetry by Zelle
Read 851 times
Written on 2014-10-13 at 14:52

Tags Destiny  Love  Forever 

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This is such a heat-felt poem. Why indeed do people who love each other drift apart. I don't believe in fate or destiny anymore, but I believe in the mystery and magic of why two people fall in love, and what makes them drift apart. The pain expressed in this poem is real, as well as the belief in the question, "If destiny is real ..." Lovely write.