For Mom and Dad

You taught me how to speak
And how to play hide and seek
You taught me all you knew
And how to make my dreams come true
You've been there since I was born
Taking care of me 'til the break of dawn
Until now that I'm a woman fully grown
You told me to let my love for you be always shown
You've been there through thick and thin
Took my hand and guide me with my dreams
And now that I'm near to my success
Thank you for loving me all the way
Thanks for being there since the start
And remember Mom, Dad, that I'll always love you with all my heart

Poetry by Zelle
Read 922 times
Written on 2014-10-16 at 08:23

Tags Mom  Dad  Parents 

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We sometimes forget that though we may not have the perfect relationship with our parents and sometimes they can be very annoying, they did feed and shelter us and were, for the most part, there for us. Very satisfying hymn to your mom and dad.

What a lovely write for a woman to write to her parents.
Wish all parent-child relationships would be so full of respect and appreciation, and most of all: love. Lovely write.