A tale about my honest frustration with technology and friends.

You and your devices

Firstly; every moment with you, I cherish.
I enjoy being in your presence more than anyone else's.
You always ask if I need something from you.
The answer, more times than not is that I just want to be near you.
When I am with you, I am home.

Still, it is bitter-sweet being near you.
Sweet because you are there,
Yet bitter because your gaze is concentrated on an electronic square.
I am with you, but you are not there.

Sometimes I wonder if you actually care.
And if you do, then why are you there?
I could cry right into front of you and you will not even lift your eyes from that damned little screen.
Is it so much to ask that while you and I are near that you put your contraptions of distractions aside?

If I wanted to be alone, I would be alone.
If I wanted to watch someone look into a box, I would watch people watch TV.
If I wanted to talk to myself, then I would not bother with talking to people.
If I acted how you act when we are near, I would have no friends, that much is clear.

When I say that you are my home, I mean I feel loved around you.
Love is a language that does not need to be spoken and is best expressed through action.
Your action when you just sit there implying that you do not care, then what is even the point of you being there?
I want to experience you.

I want to be with you.
Hear you
Breathe you
And not just see you.

You, you.
You, my best friend, are the one I need not to pretend.
I do not wish to bend.
Only with you, I wish my time to spend.
Your devices, they put an end to that.

You are worth some much more than the music you compose and consume.
You are priceless and hard to construe.
Meaning that you just being you, means so much more than you can imagine.
I want to know, see, be with, experience, hear, be near and love you, not your devices.

Your devices are creating a potential relational crises.
All I want is TO BE WITH YOU!
YOU are my friend.
YOU are the person with whom I wish my time to spend

Not lend
Not play pretend friends
I just want the loneliness to end.
With YOU, just you I wish my time to spend,

Poetry by Sarah Parnes
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Written on 2014-10-17 at 02:19

Tags Technology  Friend  Time 

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We all have our addictions, ok yes I am guilty as charged, so enjoyed reading this.

Very well expressed! What an annoying habit and such a lack of consideration and courtesy!

Well said. I have a 'smartphone' but only use it when I have to. It seems to me that for some people it borders on addictive behavior. They CAN'T but the device away, even for a few minutes to really be present with someone who cares about them.

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