This poem is dedicated for those people who lived by the negativity and lies of the past. I wish that they may wake up one day, so they too can find the beauty that life has to offer.

The Road Less Travelled

The road less travelled
They said, "is long and wide
The road was rough
The whole way was dark"

They said it's terrifying to walk on by
They said mysterious things happened to the passers by
Bad elements are known to dwell the place
So nobody dares to neither visit nor gaze

But the simple truth they all deny
They still live by the ancient lies
That the road is doomed and cursed
By the wicked witch they all once burned

The road less travelled
Is actually peaceful and mild
The sight was grand
It was God's work of art

The trees are tall and birds are flying high
Different animals, oh! What a lovely sight
There were flowers of different kind
There were butterflies and bees from behind

The road less travelled, what a wonderful sight
I wish people may wake up from the dreams of the past
The road less travelled, such a waste if you won't find
The glamour and magnificence it always had

Poetry by Zelle
Read 985 times
Written on 2014-11-12 at 16:09

Tags Road  Travel  Life 

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I enjoyed reading this with its vivid descriptions. A fresh rendition of the road less travelled. Good poem and a good dedication.