Shav = English slang "State Housed And Violent"

The meeting

I'm a 'hoodie'
I'm a 'homie'
I'm a 'shav'

I'm young
I'm hard
I'm armed

why ain't you afraid?

I'm a lover
I'm a musician
I'm a poet

I'm aged
I'm a silver back
I'm a great grandfather

Don't make the mistake

If I can't do it
My family will hunt you down
And kill you

"Have a nice day"

Poetry by Wumbulu
Read 702 times
Written on 2015-02-19 at 07:03

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I am sure no one would dare bother you there. :-) I like the rhyme and it's bad! (good)

Åsa Andersson
You forgot to mention "Godfather". (My family will come after you!)

I really like this one. The juxtaposition of hoodie/poet, homie/musician, shav/great grandfather is very efficient. Also, in just the fact that the "I"-stanzas contain more words than the "hoodie's", you show how age and experience really can add more depth and layers to a person.

And the ending is slam-dunk.

Have a nice day. Mwhahahahaha.