Classic Teenage Date

Parked outside in the pouring rain,
Waiting for you, late again,
Thinking of your breathtaking smile,
Worth enough to wait a while.

Called you once, "Almost there,
I just have to blow dry my hair"
Thinking of its dreamy smell,
Stopped me from wanting to yell.

Called you twice, "Coming now,
Please calm down, don't have a cow"
Remembering your enchanting voice,
Gives me and impatience no other choice.

Called you thrice, "Just asking Dad,
I'll call you back, don't sound so sad."
Called me back, "I can't go,
I just asked Dad, and Dad said no."

Poetry by Shas Ramlogan
Read 1024 times
Written on 2006-04-27 at 01:18

Tags Teen  Love 

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Yikes!! Don't you hate last minute changes in plan!!

I can understand you are a good writer but after reading this poem I just don't know what to say, you wrote this poem in a such a way that I can't say it is beautiful only its unique, lovely Good work once again.:-_) .

Mischa Ash Brookes
i absolutely LOVE this poem. this is such as you say a classic teenage moment, its great how u can bring life and poetry so closely together. it makes for an awesome poem. love it alot.

aww... that is so sweet to wait!!!! this is a really good poem!!! keep them comming!!!
amber lynn

Kathy Lockhart
Oh bless your heart. you were so patient! I love reading your poetry. It is so real and very well done. What a sweetheart you are. : ) kathy

Awww...sad but true!