Rape goes on every day...this is one of the worst crimes against humanity...

Lament to a rapist

beautiful ladies...handsome men
scarred pasts...sad stories to tell
they were robbed...
by someone much worse than a thief
they never had the courage to tell
so they suffered in silence...
but their silence is broken...
they were robbed of their innocence
maybe by an uncle,aunt...or close family friend
someone we looked up to
as a pillar of society

little baby precious...only a few years old
yet she wears such a serious expression
you would think she was a grown up
with all the household chores
you would no doubt pity her
but what makes me want to cry
is that she doubles up as daddy's play thing
she barely knows what she wants from life
but in another six months
she will welcome another life into the world
what happened? you may ask...
we lay the blame on her daddy
he used her..abused her..and now disowns her

what is going on in the world today?
have we lost our minds?
we rape our mothers... grandmothers
do we hate our women that much
to inflict so much hurt and pain on them?
have we no respect for the young....
the innocent...the leaders of tomorrow
what hope do we give them
when we continually rape and maim them
society looks on...too afraid to speak...
fearing it will spoil the existing harmony
that is totally untrue...

we try to justify rape..
that is like justifying evil...
that she provoked you into raping her
is a whole bunch of bullsh*t!
and still you have no apologies
are you a merciless beast?
how would you feel
if your sister or your mummy suffered too
you would want to cry...
probably kill the sick bastard
that did this to your flesh and blood
guess what...dear rapist
that is how society feels
every time the news of rape hits the airwaves
disgusted...is how society feels
we would probably wish you were dead...

Poetry by Mike
Read 631 times
Written on 2006-04-28 at 06:12

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Alaina K. Johnson
Very close to home.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
this is gripping in its raw reality of the truth. I am glad that you called sexual abuse Rape, because that is what it is. So much evilness, depravity, and hunger for control make our society sick, sick, sick. I agree with your assessment of Rape as, "one of the worst crimes against humanity." Very well done. Kathy

matthew chilufya
very truthful...very powerful...very emotional

deep..very deep..i sense a lot of anger here

timmy davis
strong views well presented