The Four Seasons

Your body cradled in a swing draped across a blossoming tree
Butterflies tracing the essence of my soul
Escaping my mouth when I try to speak
Pastures sparked rich in the presence of an angel
Your touch blooms the most beautiful flower
The green grass stalks wave and bow in tribute to your sailing curls

Your body reeks of sensuous pleasure
The sand surrenders and embraces your flirtatious curves
The tides rise like the dirty thoughts in my head
Summer sun outshone by your glowing silhouette
The heat dizzying my temptations as the water beads' fingertips trail your canvas

The broken leaves cascade the air
And litter the path like a golden brick road
The sunset bleeds its orange façade onto the fading sky
Fingers intertwined on the wooden park bench overlooking the valley
Arms outstretched seeking to steal the wind's décor like you stole my heart

Snowflakes glitter like crystals in your eyes
The candles light your way to my waiting arms
Your wooly white soul wraps its sweet warmth around me
Like a fireplace churning everlasting love
I will forever shovel the pathway to your heart

Poetry by Shas Ramlogan
Read 1171 times
Written on 2006-04-29 at 04:11

Tags Love 

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Amanda K
a charming piece.


Beautiful and Enchanting...

Mischa Ash Brookes
i agree wholeheartedly, this poem jus has that enchanting quality that keeps u wrapped up in it til the very end. u are so good.

This is beautiful! I agree with all below...what a lovely poem!

Kathy Lockhart
Oh the beautiful phrases you pen create such vivid pictures. I enjoyed this. : )

this is by far my favorite poem by you it is really good!!! and i really like it!!!!
amber lynn

Amanda Manmohan
This is definitely the best poem I've read from you so far, Shas. Your imagery is absolutely amazing, and it has a certain peacefulness about it. I love it! Well done.