Clouds Of December

The moon howls silently smothered by the clouds of December
Streets ashy with the dust of mangled leaves and abandoned dreams
The streetlights flicker when the mood strikes struggling to rouse from this nightmare
Broken-hearted winds creep along the cold-blooded sidewalks

Red tail lights echo through the piercing silence
A door screams and whines in loathe
Her feet pour onto the powdery asphalt
As the lights fade an efflux of lust thunders out the window

Her shadow haunts the walls as she retraces her steps
Breaths of smoke kiss off the bitter of sin
The escaping moonlight captures her effervescent allure
Her decor jaded by the elements of a corrupted soul

Exhaling with a hollow stare of surrender
She retreats to a celestial fortress
Eyes wide shut enthralled in a dream
The street light fades out


Poetry by Shas Ramlogan
Read 1022 times
Written on 2006-05-01 at 00:04

Tags Reality  Hopelessness 

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I am so glad to have found you today--these poems are fantastic--and the titles so fitting! BRAVO!

Mischa Ash Brookes
i've been reading these poems of urs and they are fantastic. u have great talent in the way u can describe such beauty effortlessly. your imagery is amazing.

Amanda Manmohan
This is an extremely powerful poem. It needs to be read slowly to fully appreciate it, because each line holds such wonderful imagery. Well done!

Kathy Lockhart
you have a powerful apptitude of composing words into flowing streams of thought evoking, vivid phrases, which overflow their boundaries, saturating the mind of the reader. Well done. : ) kathy

I love it ALL.

"Streets ashy with the dust of mangled leaves and abandoned dreams"

I love the adjectives you use; they are uncommonly seen and they add a lot to the overall effect of the poem. Powerfully written!