The end of my short story!

The Music Box (Chapters 6,7,&8)

Chapter 6
A Long Trip

Months passed, and as they did, Lucida showed Elizabeth all of the wonders of the music box. Winter was just around the corner. She showed her the different places she could go. But neither Lucida nor Elizabeth knew that this was their last day together.
"That's amazing!" Elizabeth exclaimed. "I must get a picture of you holding your gift! I brought my camera along, too!"
Lucida posed. She sat with her legs crossed in the same place Elizabeth did on her first day there.
"That was a great picture!" Elizabeth shouted. "But it's almost time for my mid-day dinner. I'll visit later!"
Elizabeth left, and as soon as her mid-day dinner was finished, Martha came running in with Elizabeth's suitcases. "My goodness, child! Where have you been? We must pack for the trip!"
"What are you talking about? What trip?!" Elizabeth asked rather loudly.
"Why, the trip to your Aunt Maria's winter mansion!" Martha said, rather as if Elizabeth were crazy not to know such a thing. Martha thrusted the bags into Elizabeth's arms and said, "Start packing!" and left.
Elizabeth tossed stockings and dresses and boots and books and her camera and her music box in her bags and ran down into the gardens to find Aunt Maria.
Once she found her, Elizabeth dropped her bags and said, "I'm ready!"
"Now child, get into the carriage! We must be on the train in 30 minutes!" Maria said calmly, but she seemed very rushed.
Elizabeth went to the carriage and quickly hopped inside. She was tired, so as the carriage began to move with only her, the coach, and Aunt Maria, she fell asleep, wondering what would happen to Lucida.
As they arrived at the train station, Aunt Maria carried Elizabeth on.
"Huh?" Elizabeth stammered when she awoke on the train.
"Go back to sleep," Maria said, so Elizabeth just continued to sleep.
Hours passed, and Elizabeth was awake now. Finally, the train stopped. Elizabeth grabbed her bags.
Once they were off the train, Aunt Maria informed her that they would stay at a hotel for a night.

Chapter 7
No-Good Tapestries

Elizabeth frowned as she entered the hotel. There were tapestries everywhere, but all of the places were gloomy to her.
Aunt Maria checked in and guided Elizabeth to her room. Again, she was disappointed. Still there weren't any good ones.
Elizabeth unpacked her things into the drawers of the bureau in her room. She sat on the big bed and thought. She just thought and thought and thought some more. After a while, though, she got pretty bored. Elizabeth twittled her thumbs for about ten minutes.
She jumped as Maria entered the room.
"Oops! Did I startle you? I'm sorry." Maria said.
"I'm fine." Elizabeth said gloomily.
"What's wrong?" Maria asked.
Elizabeth replied, "There's no good tapestries to..." and then stopped herself.
"To go into magical worlds with the music box?" Maria asked knowingly.
"How did you...?" Elizabeth was surprised.
"Magic." Maria said. "That reminds me, how is Lucy? Or should I say, 'Lucida'?"
"You knew I was there?" questioned Elizabeth. She was confused. "Lucida is fine."
"Good. Now go to bed." Maria replied, looking at the grandfather clock.
Elizabeth couldn't sleep, so she read from her book, 'The Alphabet Abecedarium- Some Notes on Letters' until she felt sleepy. She read a great amount before falling asleep.

Chapter 8
The gift

Elizabeth woke up in the morning to the smell of a delicious breakfast. She ate everything up in less than five minutes.
As soon as she had finished breakfast, she started to unpack the drawers and stuff her bags again. She left a gift for the next child who would be in this room. For in the bottom drawer sat the music box, with a note of her own. With the note was the key. The note was folded, and the key was hidden inside at the fold of the note.
It read:
To whomever sees this next,
Work magic with this and the gift inside. Use the tapestries on any wall to uncover the secret.

Elizabeth Johnson

That is the story of my adventure with the magic of...
The Music Box

Short story by Catherine Stout
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Written on 2006-05-04 at 23:26

Tags Fantasy 

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