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A Wishing Well

an emotional entropy - a season (poem)pictured collapsing or descending into the deepest pit of a time lapse; nothing is forgotten; memories of the past, present and future merge into the dirge and deepest well of yore stoic and compelling moving verse - this truely is of the highest order (timeless). I Really like the images you have incoporated, like when you say:

'a sparkling fountain
rising through spray of turned up rainbows'....

(a-maze-in-vision )!!!!

A priviledge to read - a blessing to find. Phenomenal...Peace-Out.

In its mouth I lay me broken white

In every crest and bubble; your prose bursts forth; unraveling spectrums of light; a angel in heavenly clouds of gushing white light's - ebbing waves in the emotions of life and requiem. Your stanza rises above surface apperances and confides its existence in celestial heights of your medium - a truely beautiful, 'subjective' mesmeric and sensually poised piece, i felt... New beginings start with a sense of being, a sense of 'home', and freedom. God bless and blessings be, as always.

The clown is dead

the clown's face hides behind a mask... as the spirits awake we see the clowns true face. The golden silence in the forest gave me a feeling, that clown which is dead, now appears in a state of freedom and grace. Beautifully melancholic words and poignant.

One line

evolution +'reality' = 'something' which will change us all?

However, this 'something' i'm refering to? regards the humanity of our spirit?; and this 'something' - is contained within the manifold of illusions and humanity itself, inextricably linked. In my opinion, in these times of spiritual crisis, the capitalistic worlds and visions will have to face up to their subconscious / presumptuous denial as you wrote; of what they done to the earth and, earth's inhabitants in this social experiment. However, everything some how changes, irregardless of perceptiable truth's or observable facts. Thought-provoking one liner, shame i couldn't say all this as succinct. The duality and paradox of being? means, everything changes somehow? Peace be with you. thought-provoking words.

When will you be mine?

If this is a silly poem? i guess it can only appeal to most of us silly-love-fools. Subtle and touching... it feels as if was written from the heart. I liked it. Love is a song you will forever remember, as true love never fades or strays away from the heart. Peace and blessings


It was said the treacherous and wicked; wanted in there debauchery to create destructive worlds; in vainglory of the devils image. Thus, in creating worlds in their own image and lost tenets; it has led to war and these perilous states of distorted consciousness. However, as Jesus said on the cross gazing on his mocking tormentors and persecuters, (with knowledge of the heavenly terrain that awaits), he said

'do not hate them for they do not know what they do'.

the spirit of man will reign in the light of our essential spirit... sunlight will shine eternally in the garden. As humanity returns to us (sheep), us wanderers in the bewildering desert and wastelands. War is the antithesis to humanity. An irrational stain on the higher states of being. On that note, peace and blessings... p.s, it was your poem that inspired and stirred the sentiments of which i am writing. I can see like me your a citzen of the world, One Love and Blessings.

Nebraska Blues .I.

'Nebraska Blues' has left me with an array of feelings; a rainbow of emotions and thoughts...Neurons were dancing with beats of perception, from the heart. Every word coveted in these lyrics are filled with (potent) signs and meanings - that glided across my eyelids, as if seeing, feeling; the sentiments you captured and experienced in Nebraska (crytallised moments in shimmering nostalgic glints). Thanks for sharing this, truely wonderful lyric, you're a very gifted writer. Peace be with you...

48. How could I else than love you

another great poem renewed with the consistancy of eternal love... crystallised sentiments. i really feel, and see the picture.

52. Without or with no mortal ties

beautifully executed sentence;

'Thus have I expressed our strange agreement
beyond words, without control and out of order'

remind me of a sacred contract that guides the (kindred) spirits...sublime!.. beyond time. I felt the eloquence of something captured in the paradoxical existence; that love is beyond the confides of what we see in the eyes and mind. Thus, the power of the soul guides the faith and reality of these lines. Great piece of writing, i identify with the spell -(witchcraft) that is as much a curse, as which it's a blessing. May peace and the spirit be with you.

losing you

I was told; "a single teardrop in the name of love falls gently into the oceans stream and winds - to dissipate. In light of this, sometimes struggle through storms, or the whirlwind.. but hold on to the butterfly kisses, rainbow teardrops or eternal suns within (beyond skin) the conditions and intricacies of all the seasons. In other words love combines all the souls into one - one love to counterbalance everything. You cannot lose what you have already love is a paradoxical equation. by the way this is a great emotional poem. Peaceout and blessings.

people say

there are times when the words of a poet speaks simply rolls off the tongue and evapourates into an aura of air and stimulated emotion;
'bottles of whiskey in whispering tunes' -
A great line, i felt. For me this captured a sensory moment; a mercurial nature of seductive spirits. Keep up the soul searching and writing, you're on to something great. peace and blessings.

Cold night

there is a poignant stillness of a moment captured... pictures of fallen snowflakes on the moon lit darkness;a feeling that pervaded my very own (personal) way of seeing - thus, the flittering love-like prose (epoch) of reminiscence... a cold night that warms the sensual heart. Good work.