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The latest comments that Telesforos has written.

The altitude of the sun folds a stroke


Yes, I think you've grasped the kernel in my poem. There are some subtleties that I've tried to put into word concerning the uncritical appreciation of youth in our culture (at least here in Sweden); everyone wants to a teenager - small kids and elderly people as well. It seems to me that one is missing some subtle, but important, hints from the uncounscious psyche when one is ignoring the shadows in life and just aiming for an eternal dream of the teenagers ideal.

From the sea skeleton

It's like hearing a very old myth or a god form its word from the deep (african?) soil. Powerful and enigmatic!

Crying window.

Beautifully written in a classical sense with well-balanced rhymes!

Longacre Pond

You portray in words a beautiful and vivid scene directly from a scene in nature. It's like sitting there and take part of it!

A remnant.

This is a thoughtful written poem with a beautiful rythm, almost like text in a song. Very good job!


Beautiful and very well created horizon from the living (and perhaps as well paradoxly from the dead).


Beautiful text on the melancholy of Autumn!

** YAY!! ** [Updated: November 03 2009]

Is it only I that can't enter the Haiku-page? Earlier that page was totally blank. Since a couple a months this text arrives:
Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /var/www/load_text_singel_subpage.php on line 73

It's sad for all of us haiku-lovers...


Very fascinating text with many facets of interpretations. I like the way the text handles the colours and the different shades, and the ambiguities of them.


There is so much forces in nature which we don't see, but nevertheless has some kind of impact on us. The text express this in a distinct rythm which has almost a kind of spell in it. Very good and interesting!

Death is Rebirth

Solve et Coagula - Disintegration and Integration -
the alchemists golden rule in their work to find the spiritual higher level in this world.

Very nice written in your poem, Chuma!

8 Years

So poignant and beautifully captured, the love for a woman, how it feels in your heart. I love the last stanza:

for each life with her
is death...
and each death with her
is life...

Stars can finally speak

What a beautiful flow in this text. Lovely written!



haunted by blood

Very strong text with a though subject...

telesforos voyage

Thanks a lot, Chuma, for your very nice and beautiful poem!

I'd like to add a line to it: "the downhill of mountains sometimes catapults ones body too". My first fall from my bike yet, though... ;-)


This is a deliberate ambiguity with the choice of word(s), though maybe not correct in a grammatical sense. I was thinking of quiet = silent, and that's the silence in the night which is the giver of peace. But I don't know if this play with ambiguity in words is common in english? In swedish (and in french as I understand it) this is quite (sic!) common.

Mother Nature in Mourning.

Very well written. Mother Nature will survive without us, but won't if we carry on like this. Mother Nature has million of years to recover, but our time is getting narrow.

The Two Wolves Within

A wonderful wisdom and a truth... and such a simple one!

À dieu

Comment to Tai Chi Italy:

To me Bush is a dictator as well, sanctioning his terrible acts - as he says - by the the direct commands of God. Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and others will have their deadlines too, though not so drastic as Saddam Hussein's. It is remarkable that in the 21 century we seem to have "big" leaders who referring their actions to God. To me it seems that the only reason for this is to make them feel big. They should maybe get better from that megalomanian thoughts by consider that first line:
Only God i great.

Dream Fog

I recognize that feeling very well! Whenever I remember my dreams right into details, a great relief come over me. That faint fog for sure makes one frustrated. My tip: Feel the dream in depth, before you start to chasing all the images.


Cela sera

Ce poème est si beau! Quelles images!

Mon Ami

I like this mystic (mystic in the original sense) tone in the dialogue where you can sense echoes of the depth in the human soul.


I really like the paradox in this poem! It's so true. Beyond the dark things of life there is something of the opposite, maybe lost, but then to be found again.

Just Before The Silent Dawn by M.A.Meddings

Very beautiful expressed. The paradox of sadness and the light of joy in this feeling when dream meets reality.


I've read about the devdasis; how they served the sun god, Surya, in the temples, and it is said that they were ensured a place in Suryaloka, the heaven of Surya. And how the sons of the devadasis became natturvarnas, musicians and dance teachers. However, it became more and more degenerated and corrupt by the brahmins through the increasing prostitution. But the books (at least the ones that I've read) always says that there are no devadasis in India today. So, it is chocking to read your poem with that in mind, and although it is a sad poem, it is also a very beautiful one!


The sunset is one of the most vivid archetypical image of tranquillity and harmony in the whole world. I believe everyone has experienced - or should experience - the feelings and sentiments that you so beautifully have captured in this poem!

La Luna ( The Moon )

The moon is a grateful subject for haikus. I like this one!

Who Am I?

A sad and a very beautiful poem!


Il est très beau, ton poème! Moi aussi, je joue de la guitare et je trouve que le poème exprime quelque chose qui est particulière dans la relation entre le musicien et son instrument, c'est-à-dire "le dialougue" entre eux. Voilà, ma interprétation.


A very beautiful poetic description of that feeling in the heart called love. A lifetime act it for sure is.