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1. Music

cleverly written as always, Rob. And nicely dealt with jealousy...

It is October by Ann Wood

autumn is beautifully portrayed here in colour, touch and sound...well done!


Very sad and beautifully expressed!
Thank you for sharing.
I often think in those terms, having lost my own father at the age of 9 months. I am still dreaming of his last days....

Creature of Routine

Love you sonnet. It's flow, its expression...
It could be me you are writing about. I recognise it!😀

Today's Tomorrow...

And this is longing living in life's fog,
having no dwelling in relentless time.

And this is wishing, a quiet dialogue
of daily hours with all that's sublime.

And this is living till the loneliest hour
of yesterday rises so differently
than all the others, eager to devour
the silence of near-by eternity...

we both are thinking about time....


in very few words you tell a whole story....a story of
communication and believing....that is how we humans learn to grow

Becoming a Better Writer

you touch a raw nerve in me with your poem. Aren't we striving all the time to achieve? Better writers, better persons....? Each morning I feel we are waking up as "babes" to learn more from our marvellous world and plant and sow and water in...my gardens of words are hopefully thriving in the coming sunshine. Thank you for sharing your garden of syllables, Hans....


Thank you for your kind message. You asked me to read your poem and I did. If you want my opinion: cut unnecessary words (I did) and I find the flow easier.
If it was me I would leave the last stanza out. Your poem has to "show" not tell. I think the last stanza just spoils it.
I hope you don't mind be being honest. It is just my personal opinion.
I really like your poem and it is very well written.

So nice to hear about your life. I also have an old mother. She is 87 and very difficult, never to please. But old age is no fun, I think, and I forgive herher bad moods.
below your poem with some words taken off. See what you think:

Whale Song.
We travel the globe around each year,
living our lives so well.
We follow the krill and the plankton,
which thrive in the ocean's swell.

Far out at sea you may find us,
as blue depths we peacefully roam.
Mysterious caverns and wondrous waves,
are the places we claim as home.

Our families stick together,
in love or sorrow and pain.
We've lived in the sea for millions of years,
"Live and let live" our refrain.

My calf was killed by a whaler,
he was almost full grown at the time.
Mankind leaves me sad and confused,
how can they commit such a crime?

Yes my calf was killed by a whaler,
harpoon buried deep in his brain.
I stayed by the ship for a day and a night,
watching his anguish and pain.

The sea turned from blue to scarlet,
as he struggled and thrashed to be free.
Thirty six hours it took him to die,
every pain of his felt too, by me.

Once dead, they hauled his body aboard,
my cries went unheard on the wind.
I dove to the depths with a broken heart,
mankind, how badly you've sinned.

When our Great Creator returns to the Earth,
and He will, in our hearts we know well...
from His throne He will weep for His Creatures,
and banish mankind to Hell.

Showers of Flowers.

What a lovely poem! I found you as you have written so nice comments and I feel I have found a friend. How you describe Spring and your garden is just wonderful!


not "those" but "that"...sounds better. Good images


all the shadows have been erased ....(grammar!) otherwise great


when I want to say something.... (omit the "s", wrong grammar)
nice image


these words are lingering....lovely writing

I wish..

I like the longing in this. We always hover between "calm" and "invigorate" , night and day, dream and life. You expresed that beautifully

for those that love me

if someone pelted stones at me I would run....but I still think your poem is lovely

Spring of Desire

Ah, those fragrant times, when desire bloomed...who could forget it, ever...
you really brought them back to life, Zoya!

love to you
from Scharlie