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A Manic Meditation on the Bipolar Blues (2) Ngoc Nguyen 2018-05-25
The Seventh Blues Telesforos 2010-02-16
Egg Blues (3) TonyD 2009-04-08
Melancholy blues...Part II...Co-written *Spell Of Charm* and *Max* (2) MAXreturns 2007-08-20
So what Telesforos 2007-07-23
Boomerang Blues (1) Inspired 2007-02-27
Blues Cola666 2006-11-14
New Blues MeisI 2006-10-24
Guitar Tuning Blues (1) MeisI 2006-09-11
Housework Blues (10) Kathy Lockhart 2006-08-30
A ditty (3) Saga 2006-08-30
Singing in the rain(blues) (5) night soul woman 2006-05-31