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21. What The Hydra Said When Asked If It Was Going To Attend Hercules Coming Out Party
22. What Is It Called When The Chief Executive Of Corporate America Deceives The Electorate About The Cost Of A Health Care System?
23. What Is A Mistake Prone Member Of The Family Formicidae Called?
24. What The Mythological Deity Said To The Meglomaniac
25. What The Human Meglomaniac Said To The Mythological Deity.
26. What Did The Minute Hand Say To The Hour Hand?
27. What Did The Stump Say To The Lumberjack?
28. Why The Executive Office Doesn't Get Anti-Negative Comments Inoculations
29. Why GM Named A New Model The Carnivore
30. Why Would The Crowd Give The Paraplegic Tiger A 60 Second Hand?
31. What One Vogue Model Said To The Other Vogue Model
32. high bread
33. Why Was The Bird With The Alphabet Plumage Unable To Rely Upon One Particular Feather?
34. What Did One Lost Sole Say To The Other Lost Sole?
35. What Did The First Chicken Say To God Prior To Being Created?
36. G.g.
37. Mole Attire
38. What A Leaf Does In The Fall.
39. What Earth Said To A Humanity On The Ragged Edge Of Decimation
40. What The Ascerbic Alarm Clock Said To The Sound Asleep Insomniac.

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Poetry by
Chaucer Whethers

Thoughts on basic stuff, uh, yea.

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