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1. Why Gamblers Are Even Sadistic
2. Why The Marionette Who Could Not Fall In Love Fell
3. What Is A Smug, Lying Parrot Called?
4. Sleeper X
5. What Is The New Vertical Weight Loss Option Called?
6. Why History Does Not Use The Father Of Communism On A Chalkboard.
7. Why A Definite Detective Was Hired To Investigate A Staircase Theft.
8. What Do They Call A Fishpond Without Water?
9. A Definition Of President
10. Why The Kangaroo Couple Adopted A Sexually Ambivalent Male Plains Buffalo
11. Why Did The Earliest DNA Prisoners Go On Strike?
12. Why The Mass Hypnosis Minnow Executive Leader Needed The Masses
13. Why Nuns Dress Uniformly
14. Nome Gnome On The Brain
15. I Wonder
16. Ponce
17. Fly?
18. A Wok Of Genius
19. How A Pearl Keeps A Secret
20. Why Did The Hydra Drink So Much H2o?

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Poetry by
Chaucer Whethers

Thoughts on basic stuff, uh, yea.

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