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61. What A Socially Awkward Orca Is Called
62. Why The Living Room Aquarium Was In Such A Good Mood.
63. Why The Non Citizen Syntactically Challenged Baseball Player Tried (Unsuccessfully)To Use A Cat For A Glove
64. What A Drunk Ghost Wailing Sounds Like
65. When Are The Individual Sections Of Fabric Mosaics Good At Social Networking?
66. What Pete Townshend's Honker Is Called
67. Why The Pessimistic Lovers Cancelled Their Gym Membership
68. Why The Clown Borrowed The Carnival Cooks Spatula.
69. How The Chief Executive Socialist Was Useful ToThe Mega Corps
70. Most Fashionably Attired Coastal Sand Formation
71. What The Political Nickel Said To The Recalcitrant Penny
72. zWhy Single Didgits Are So Familiar With Their Own Kind
73. What Law Of Physics Enabled The Leader Of The 3 Stooges To Move Forward With So Much Energy
74. Further (Why it's easier to get down)
75. Why It Is Ironic That Politicians Have No Gravity
76. How The Existential Symphony Felt Upon Learning Tonight's Performance Had Been Cancelled Due To Inattendance
77. How The Anti-Creationists Attempted To Trivialize The Idea Of God
78. Why The Anticipatory Florist Was Not Upset When His Last Minute Date Cancelled
79. How Much Does An Albatross Weigh
80. It's Like Sleeping In The Lost&Found Dept. Because

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Poetry by
Chaucer Whethers

Thoughts on basic stuff, uh, yea.

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