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81. Why The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree
82. Name Used By A Rapper Who Wanted To Be Viewed As A Bit Of An Abstract Artist
83. Why The Cyclops Was Didactic
84. Which Dinosaur Is The Worst Driver
85. Why The Sun Might Be Considered Superficial
86. Why The Mind Is A Joker
87. Why The Absent Minded Dreamer Was Terminated From The Railroad
88. Why The New Couple Referred To Their Exes As "That"
89. Why The Undertaker Was Unable To Act Effectively After Losing Memory Of Where He Parked His Coffin Wagon.
90. Why The Toy Designer Put A Jack In The Pyramid
91. Or On Occasion
92. Vaccine, sung to the Tune of Jolene
93. Occupant
94. All The Rage
95. Cat Like That
96. Infanticide
97. Impressed Swingers (Walk Into A Bar)
98. Knock Knock

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Poetry by
Chaucer Whethers

Thoughts on basic stuff, uh, yea.

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