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41. What Is A Fish Called That Is Hesitant To Approach The Bait?
42. Mythical Aplomb
43. Hydrangeas
44. Undundee
45. What The Elevator Said To The Elephant Who Wanted To Go To The Big Top
46. How To View A Hill Devoid Of Elevation.
47. Meet Tuxedo Cat
48. What Is The Title Of The Chief Executive Aquatic Mammal At Sea World
49. What The Gnat Who Took A Vow Of Silence Said.
50. Why Did The Artist Check An Ennui Watch Before Returning To His Sketch
51. What Shamu Said To The Press Corp Sea Gulls
52. Why The 2000 Pound Unit Of Measure Could Not Solve Complex Problems
53. The Difference Between A True Orca And Chief Shamu.
54. What The Ink Said To Thee Pen
55. Why The 500 lb. Poultry Was Afraid To Cross The Road
56. Why Zero Is Eternal
57. What Einstein Surfed
58. Why The Doctor Thought Mr Banana Head Showed Signs Of Recovery From Latent Narcissism Syndrome
59. What Does An Orca Drink?
60. How Did The Wildebeest Find Out That Crocodiles Bite?

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Poetry by
Chaucer Whethers

Thoughts on basic stuff, uh, yea.

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