aka Words to describe me.

Words to describe a Failure

Ashamed, Awful, Awukward.

Bruised, Blank, Broken.

Clueless, Cluttered,Coward.

Dismal, Dim, Damaged.

Enraged,Empty, Exhausted.

Failed, Flawed, Forsaken.

Grim, Gloomy, Grave.

Helpless, Humiliated, Hated.

Insecure, Irresponsible, Inferior.

Jaded, Jealous, Jitery.

Kinky, Klutzy, Knocked Out.

Lazy, Lonely, Loser.

Meek, Muted, Mad.

Nervous, Numb, Nihilist.

Obese,Overaged, overlooked

Powerless, Pointless, Phony.

Quaint, Queesy, Queer.


Sad, Sardonic, Sniveling.

Timid, Tired,Torn.

Unfit, Unhappy, Unimportant.

Vacant, Valueless, Vapid.

Weak, Weird, Worn

Yucky, Yeilding

Words by Kanak Vadhan
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Written on 2016-05-03 at 11:47

Tags Failure  Lonely  Me 

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Kathy Lockhart
Wow! Impressive!

Now, may I give my point of view? Yes I can? Thanks. You are NOT A FAILURE! You are a CREATOR. A creator who creates is a Success!! What about an Anagram for S U C C E S S!! Hugs

Arunesh dixit
Very good use of spectrum to picture a failure and humiliated character. I agree with Ashe and also would like to see how a success and jubilation can be pictured in this manner. Good one.

Now describe a success which is different for each individual and it will probably need the entire alphabet as well. I bet you will be surprised to find yourself in those words as well .