Time to Realize what you are, and Move On


I have been walking on this worn out road,
Lamenting the state I am in.
Putting myself under so much load,
my patience like my hair has run thin.

I have to seek what I have avoided,
What's lost is loss, What's gained is gain
Its the only possible way,
I can stop this crazy imaginary pain.

So I haven't done that well,
where my family and friends did better.
Its time I stop being ashamed,
and restrained by the success fetter.

I am not perhaps social,
I shall be all alone.
I have done it for so long now,
I can live the rest on my own.

I now have to stop,
regretting all my past.
Live for the present,
maybe future isn't that lost.

My heart still melts,
my mind fights on.
Perhaps it time to trust my mind,
my heart is all gone.

Poetry by Kanak Vadhan
Read 936 times
Written on 2016-05-10 at 08:18

Tags Acceptance  Regret  Failure 

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
A fine piece. I would like to walk away from everything and be a fisherman. One on long sea voyages. Something that gives you time to forget but has the separation of normal life. Nicely done.

Ivan R
I like this. I have a similar phase in my life and I can sympathize. It is very well written, the melancholy always there but there is a melody to this that shines through more then the dark, and I bet the protagonist will soon the the sunlight and be caressed by it.