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Scared About the Future

I still can't believe
three years has it been.
My old friends are all different
they've all changed since then.

I suppose that's true
for myself and us all.
We've all grown up
some short and some tall.

But this, this is different
I missed their changing days.
My friends here I saw morph
in their looks and their ways.

With them it's like
I'm out of their life.
I don't know which is happy
or if one was lost to a knife.

I remember their faces
from when I saw them last.
They all look so different
I guess life comes at you fast.

I'm scared they won't recognize
the person I've become.
I'm afraid they'll reject me
to me they'll be numb.

Though some did notice me
when we visited the high school.
They called out my name
and I looked up like a fool.

Only just in time
did I see them walk by.
I smiled and waved ecstaticaly
for our time was nigh.

Poetry by Mary
Read 940 times
Written on 2006-05-10 at 01:58

Tags Old  Friends  Yeah 

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I know these feelings well. Just today, I was looking at my sister's yearbook when I was at her house and actually missed high school ( mostly the friends and good times!). It has been over 6 years since I graduated, and sometimes I feel like I was never in school at all. This is a good poem to describe those feelings. :)

No fair! I don't have anyone to not recognize me!!! You must introduce me to everyone!!! I love the poem, by the way! It shows exactly what we're going through with a perfect rhyme scheme!!!

Aww. Now I feel lucky. But, i still don't... because it's like OMG. HIGHSCHOOL!! and it's scary because it's like how there's this certain scent in each grade's hallway, like the 6th grade hallway smells like 6th grade and thhe 7th like 7th and the 8th like 8th... but, ugh. at the highschool, it didn't SMELL like something i wanted to be around. but, don't be scared. you have reid and banana and it'll be fine! you'll see all your old friends!!

Aww! Don't be scared! You will go back to them and it will all be good. Except that I won't be there too. :(! But we'll hang out at the downtown mall with the old crowd and drag the others into the used bookstores! :D