halfsies based on real life but slightly exaggerated

Lovesick Dork

So I've happened upon
this feeling so sweet.
It's a blushing hint
a quickened heartbeat.

That quick little glance
so seemingly innocent
is filled with a heat
to make ministers penitent.

It's strange how fast
these things just occur.
One minute you're alone
the next, lovesick loser.

It was just a few days
how does that work?
Falling this fast
I'm such a dork.

Unless of course
it's the same for you.
Please oh please tell me
you're a dork too.

Poetry by Mary
Read 949 times
Written on 2008-11-11 at 04:33

Tags Lovesick  Dorks  Giddy 

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you mean you have that word (dork) where you are too? Well written and enjoyed it.

Less Than I Ought
It is kinda like I could have written the sentiments here
yay MARY!

mary mary mary MARY!! you have NO idea how much i have missed your poetry. :D i absolutely love this, especially the way you address him in the last stanza!! priceless. let's all be lovesick dorks, shall we? XD