I've got a headache

Wanty, Needy, Pleasey

Go get me some tea
that's all I want I swear.
well that and HP
and maybe like a teddybear.

But after that I'm set
or maybe some jello?
Then I'm good, you bet.
Or actually.. another pillow?

Oh could I have a cookie?
I'll stop asking for things!
Just hand me that bookie
and play some Ting Tings.

I'm not bothering you right?
You're not annoyed?
Just one more bite?
Gawd no more Pink Floyd.

I'm sick remember!
Take care of me please
I'm the fairer gender
I've got a disease!

It's not like you're busy
I just need that no no THAT.
One more Fizzy Lizzy?
I'm cold... hat?

And fyi, just so you know
I really love that you do this.
Oh please just don't go.
I really just need your presence.

Poetry by Mary
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Written on 2008-11-11 at 05:05

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sounds just like me, I am pregnant and I am taking full advantage of it. My husband is really in for a hard time especially 3 o clock in the mornings when the cravings kick in....loved this poem so refreshing!

lovely. and i would so gladly subscribe to this!!!!!!!

yep truth speaks.

Less Than I Ought
I sincerely hope you don't do this to any future husband and/or boyfriend
or anyone for that matter
nice poem

teehee, awww...we of the fairer gender certainly can be a bit of a handful. especially some of us...*COUGH* :D

terribly sorry about your headache, my dear, but at least it doesn't infringe on your ability to create such delightful and entertaining poetry!