Late for Love

I feel like I've lost
the chance to be great.
I loosened my grip,
turned my back on fate.

I lost what was
and what could have been.
Nor can I think
as to what was my sin.

I'm lacking in something
that I can't seem to grasp.
No feeling of torture
nothing making me gasp.

I can't seem to recall
that certain emotion.
That feeling of elation
at the return of devotion.

I thought I had it
once long ago.
But I moved too late
and was forced to let go.

The past was dredged up
again and again.
By friends over and over
like little clucking hens.

They didn't know
and might not, even now .
The pain I kept hidden
beneath a graceful bow.

One feeling I'm close to
I wish to be free of.
It's being too late
for once requited love.

Poetry by Mary
Read 1049 times
Written on 2006-11-26 at 06:00

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Amanda K
feelings here are in confusion. a wonderful piece of writing.


I'm sorry.

But you haven't lost your chance to be great. You are already great and you can only get greater. And also: lurking somewhere at your school is an amazing guy just waiting for the chance to find an amazing girl like you. Please please don't waste time on someone who doesn't deserve a goddess like Miss Mary the Brilliant.

: )


<33333333 crazy woman who I love to death as my gypsy sister

wow! very well written. it shows the feelings of your heart. a wonderful poem

""'They didn't know
and might not, even now .
The pain I kept hidden
beneath a graceful bow.....................................""
very touching poem thanks for sharing

david gerardino
Nor can I think
as to what was my sin,great line...........................10

Its good to have you back Mary, I'm glad to see you still have some poet in ya. This was very good.

~Aaron Rowe

I believe i feel the emotion your trying to portray here. I feel what your writing...I like this poem. I understand how you feel, i have felt the same way in the past, in fact i do now.