Rain... Continued

the rain comes down
along with the tears
and in the bay window she sits
alone again
without any friends
but it doesn't matter a bit

and in the dark
she hears the thunder
pounding in her ears
the lightning comes
when the sound is gone
and lights up all the tears

she cries a little
she cries a lot
and in the end she fails
but all throughout
this misunderstood child
the sadness will prevail...

Words by kata
Read 962 times
Written on 2006-05-15 at 01:55

Tags Rain  Tears 

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this is sad and painful.. a strong poem with a marvellous flow of words!

i wrote a counterpiece to these rain-poems of yours some time ago.. and it actually sounds like a counterpiece to this!

check out page 4 of my poems and you will find it.. its called: "Losing against the rain"..

hope you like reading it..

I didn`t like reading this poem.. I felt it! and it almost made me cry!

deeper than the first one because this one is nervewracking if that's the right word... anyway, it's very good still!
i love rain.

It IS very sad. But I like it so so much. I can really picture what's happening as I read the poem.

You know, a lot of your writing reminds me of Tim Burton's movies...I don't know why...like, the people I picture when I read them? They're like the people in Corpse Bride and A Nighmare Before Christmas. I have no idea why...