Satanism and feminism

There is a certain tendency in satanism
towards a masculine monopoly and domination
of the character of Satan and his ways,
both Lucifer and Satan always being male
and never mentioned or referred to as of any other gender.
I am not a feminist but rather something of an equalist,
considering both sexes absolutely equal,
while I stress the differences,
which I regard as only advantageous to them both.
If that which makes them different is obliterated,
both will lose on such a neutralizing process.
Man of course is physically stronger
and more fit for war, hard labour, struggles and exertions,
while the weaker sex is certainly more beautiful,
more sensitive and maybe more developed and refined
concerning intellectual and spiritual talents.
Both are needed to make babies, that's for sure,
man only giving seed and woman only giving birth,
and thus they have to complement each other to make breeding work,
but that is only in the field of nature and biology.
In art, philosophy and science woman can be just as good
as any man and sometimes even better,
viewing such examples as Madame Curie, Hypatia,
Queen Elizabeth, Madame Blavatsky and George Eliot and Sand;
and sometimes you may even hear "the Devil is a woman".
Some enlightened men have even valued woman higher
than themselves as almost a superior being, like in Dante,
but I would not go as far as that.
Let it be enough that we are equals but in different ways,
both being fit for tasks the other one is not.

Poetry by Laila Roth
Read 478 times
Written on 2017-11-11 at 10:15

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