The problem of immortality

Bertrand Russell argued with the problem all his life,
but what is actually the problem?
Either you are mortal or you aren't,
and whatever you are, you have to accept it,
which is difficult, of course, since you can't know for certain
until you are dead, and even then, who knows that you shall know?
The easiest way to get away and to avoid the problem
is to give up while you are still living
and decide that you are merely mortal shallow flesh;
but isn't that a very dull and boring burial of the issue,
while it definitely is alive and difficult to do away with?
Some condemn the immortality doctrine as an absurdity
and realistically nothing but a doom to an eternity of hell,
as life is only suffering; and if you can't escape it,
then immortality is hell and nothing else.
But if you on the other hand accept this hell and face it
and embrace it as a fact of inescapable reality
and definitely as a possibility of imminence,
you philosophically resign to it and learn to make the best of it,
which is probably the sanest way to treat the issue,
live with it and make the best of it,
and you don't even need take sides.

Poetry by Laila Roth
Read 661 times
Written on 2017-11-11 at 10:23

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Mick Bean
And you can always do what I do, delete an old poem and renew it with another.......

Mick Bean
I like something I need to read twice. We all live on in our writings, like an aroma it wafts from generation to generation.