The freedom of Avalon

The key word is free love without restraints,
the licence and encouragement of beauty
and the obligation and necessity of free and open minds.
Let beauty rule the world,
and let there be no law but conscience
with sensitivity and intuition as the guiding wisdom.
Insight, tolerance and understanding is the social key,
which automatically should exclude all trouble in relations.
Let nature be our mother and supreme divinity,
and call her goddess, since she is a mother -
the other possibility feels rather awkward and impossible.
Let virtue triumph with the cult of beauty,
and let truth prevail and never be let out of sight -
the only crime of Avalon would be the obfuscation of the truth.
This sounds like something of a utopia,
but it's only an ideal
and perfectly realizable as such -
you only have to live accordingly.

Poetry by Laila Roth
Read 654 times
Written on 2018-03-27 at 11:31

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