Another one of those scary poems about eyes...


I see you staring
right at me
A lingering gaze
that sets me free
I feel light
What does it mean?
What do you think
of this girl you've seen?
Is it love
or is it hate?
Is it choice
or is it fate?
When I meet your eyes
they slip away
A reminder of what
you'll never say
If there was love
it is now gone
Never a word of
what you've sawn

Words by IronicBanana
Read 1061 times
Written on 2006-05-26 at 22:59

Tags Eyes  Gaze  Love 

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Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyok sorry, I'm feeling a bit hyperrrrrrr, but it's all good.

(I LOVE it when they do that...)

i love it. and i love eyes. that's what i notice in people. not their eye color but just how they look at you and how they look around and stare off into space. and, what you feel when you make eye contact with them. sometimes you feel like laughing because you both get some hilarious joke (like mary and i @ the DI thing. adam... yes? hahha) or you just get this huge jolt of nervousness running through you and your heart jumps to your throat, or you feel pity from somebody. yep. eyes are amazing and so is this poem!