I hate revenge, and I hate hatred, just to let you know. This is just one of those poems that popped out of my mind and scared the hell out of me.


I'm not scared
of the message in your eyes
Not panicked by the threats
that you're screaming to the skies
Your hatred deep
brings me no frightened tears
You need to sleep
for at least a thousand years

And only then can both of us wash away the pain
left beside the ocean in a mourning summer rain

Don't tell me that I'm cold
just because I hate your guts
You pretended to be gold
and then you left me in the ruts
Of a road that needed paving
like the one within your mind
Now we're both insane
so let reality unwind

And only then can dark events that happened long ago
be chisled from our memories, renewed like falling snow

Now I'm on the mend
and I've left you in the dust
For you, I tried to bend
but found my joints were clogged with rust
I broke, and then you left me---
your time to pay is nigh
I'm going to live forever
and I'm gonna watch you die...

And only then will bitterness kept intact for many years
be shed from my slit body through molten lava tears

Poetry by PoeticProcrastination
Read 1463 times
Written on 2006-03-22 at 03:50

Tags Revenge 

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shedding tears for a perfectly expressed emotion. Revenge.

wowza, honey. that's something.
it's like... i dunno. the last time i said something like this, mary told me i was crazy... but... who cares.
it's like... when you're like, "ooh-la-la... so and so whatever whatever..." and you're like in lovvvvvvvvvve with them, and then, all the sudden, they turn out to be a real asshole and you're like, grr. and this is what i got from it. i'm bookmarking it!!!

Well written and thought out .... a good piece here . Enjoyed the read ...keep it up ! Glen

Such a lovely poem! You make spending time on this bay much fun and worth one's while! Kudos

Okay... I'm terrified... hide me! This is an awesome poem!!!!

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
love the metaphor used here.


Zoya Zaidi
Very skillfully done,
Perfect rhyme and rhythm,
The subject though difficult is very cleverly expressed.
You have a natural gift poetic,
& I have said that before.
Love these lines:
"Only then can we wash away the pain
left by the ocean in a mourning summer rain"

(((((((Hugs dear Fern))))))

Love, xxx, Zoya

I love the couplets in the middle of the long stanzas. [That is, the groups of two lines.] They are so different from all the rest of this, and yet they fit so nicely.

And I love how you always manage to make everything rhyme and not sound stupid. It takes quite a bit of skill to make rhyming poetry sound totally natural, and you've got it.