sleep, pretty darling, do not cry
and i will sing a lullaby

A Request

Notwithstanding my excellent understanding of myself,
I find that sometimes my turbulent emotions more
complicated than I would like.
Kinks in a garden hose can be similarly convoluted.

Maybe you could offer me some escape?
A way to cheat time and
transport myself to untroubled waters, where angels
hiding in the clouds would sing me to peaceful sleep.
Even if the sun did not rise, I would be happy there.
Rally my spirits, breeze. I fear I am tempting the
night. Guide me home to safety, gentle stream.
Even if the sun does not rise, I fade with love in my heart.

Words by PoeticProcrastination
Read 1074 times
Written on 2008-06-14 at 05:18

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Kathy Lockhart
Your skills are far beyond your years in writing such amazing poetic verse. Lovely!

this is a good text...i think these few days are quite surprising for me. coz i am meeting all those people who were silent for years , whom i am seeing here again...

welcom back...

but bad luck of mine that it would not meet you anymore.

nice poetry. unrealsitic.
so heartful