I am so torn up right now.

If Only

The shingles beneath our bodies are rough and damp, and angled steeply enough that shifting position means danger. I reach out to touch your face, gently stubbled and glowing a soft cream in the crisp moonlight. The midnight sky, awash with stars, seems to urge your arm on as it curls around my waist, the constellations to nod encouragement when I lay my head upon your chest.

There we lie, untroubled, content simply to exist, with no wishes or requests to make of God or anyone---just a hope that maybe we'll see a shooting star.

We spot two.


But that was only a dream.

Now you are far away, separated by years and by distance, by mountains both physical and spiritual. Such a complicated, convoluted, all-ensnaring mess, and all for the simplest of longings, the gentlest of desires.

All I want, just once, is to hold you, and for you to hold me back. Just this. Nothing more.

Just one wish, if only it could be.

Words by PoeticProcrastination
Read 1076 times
Written on 2008-07-22 at 05:37

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Rob Graber
Being apart is hard. Touchingly penned!