Little Cloud

The sun is teasing me again
and telling me his lies
He shines so awful brightly
so brightly in my eyes

Oh, come and be my little cloud
come block the sun away
You're all the light I really need
to brighten up my day

So say hello and hold me
and I will hold you too
Who really needs the boastful sun
when baby, I've got you?

Poetry by PoeticProcrastination
Read 1109 times
Written on 2008-08-19 at 06:53

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Teddy Donobauer
Lovely young lady.
Oh to live in a land where clouds are welcome in such manner. Here in dismal greyish drizzle
we would ban the clouds to hell
if we could, but probably but for a day!

limber junctionson
what a delightful sun.