yes.. I really wrote it for my mother, and I mean every word inside that "letter".. belive me..

Dear Mom; You made my life a living hell

Dear Mom;
It feels like the world araound me is falling under ground,
Whenever you're standing there next to me.
I don't feel any good with you by my side.
You made my life a living hell,
I didn't know if I ever could survive.

But now that you're out of this house,
almost out of my life.
I finelly can smile again.
I feel it in my soul,
see it on my report card,
that things are like it should.

we don't argue alot any more,
and I consider that a good thing.
You made me cry everyday,
made me suffer, let me through pain.
I don't ever want to see your face again.

If only I could tell you what I feel,
face to face, without you getting mad or any thing.
If you could unsterstand how much I've cried bacause of you,
if I tell you the real reason why I don't wanna come.
after all, it was something real.
It desurvs to be told.

I wanna talk to someone that can help me,
wanna talk to someone once a week.
Maby we can get some time of?
Just to cool down.
Just a little bit?

I don't have the heart to tell you,
a mather a fact, I won't be able to tell you.
Cus my feelings will be streaming out,
I can't even look at you without thinking about everything that you've done.
I hate you, and I always will.
You made my life a living hell.

Poetry by kittipuusen
Read 499 times
Written on 2006-06-01 at 20:18

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you dont argue anymore,thats a good sign, i understand it is truly hard to forgive someone for something they've done to hurt you when there suppose to care about you snd love you. but i do say that your mum does love you,and whatever she's done,may have been because she loves you but im not sure about what happend so i wouldnt know but yes,a great poem.well written,well done.

I really felt your anger,I'm sorry for what happened between you and your mother...
very nice poem!!!! may GOD bless you and give you peace!!!

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Reminds me of me 3 months ago when I wrote a letter simiar to this.

great write.