Afraid of dreams

Why is thee afraid of dreams
reality is not what it seems.

why is thee, afraid of dreams?
because they end in heartbreak
to lose I now have too much at stake
to risk ever repeating that mistake.

Reality, is not what it seems
masquerading as truth do lies
love only ends in heartbreaking goodbyes.

Why is thee afraid of dreams?
I dreamt, once, that love was pure and true
but now innocent ways are corrupted through
and around a broken heart, strong stone grew.

Reality; is not what it seems
love broke all my once happy dreams
I masquerade a happy face
but my heart is locked in a dark place
Why, is thee afraid of dreams?
Reality is NOT what it seems.


Poetry by liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 396 times
Written on 2020-01-12 at 05:00

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