It is only proper

to bid our goodbyes
in the same way
we bid our hellos

I think it is only proper

for there is nothing
better than written
words stained with

and this is a song meant
to make you despair
because I want you to
and I hope it serves
as a theme song of our
love as you mourn

but hey

mourn not the loss
but what is left
and what is gained
from the unspoken
honesty I only wish
to hear from you

tainted words
broken dreams
a cold heart
a wounded soul

like a Santa
you gave me a lot of
gifts placed under the
tree we both planted
in the garden we grow
not outside our home
but inside ourselves

I never wanted to open them
I never asked for them
but I guess there are
presents wrapped
in really inviting
flowers and ribbons

and these gifts that
turned into memories
became an ugly

that no matter how many
stars I catch with my
hands to heal it,
it will never mend
and be a new,
beautiful skin

but I love you
I still love you
and all the words
that we shaped into
worlds that only we
created and lived into

but I love myself
I love myself
and the promise we
made under the moon,
our only listener,
that one day, one day
the song we will sing
is a song that we both
composed with the words
that became our scarlet
string, intertwining us

but that one day is lost
like a forgotten history
of a book sitting in dusts

that one day became a
distant plane we cannot
reach anymore with the
magic of our words

the scarlet string,
remained unsevered,
now has chained us
to a haunting past

so I think it is only proper

to bid our goodbyes
in the same way
we bid our hellos

Poetry by Rin
Read 303 times
Written on 2020-01-27 at 15:27

Tags Betrayal 

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Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
A very well composed post delivering a poignant message which will be cleary understood by many. Enjoyed the read.