This was written with a song as an inspiration.

All Men Pray

          A sense of myself
          I beg to the gods
          of this church where
          all men pray of admiration

          I ate from the holy bread
          where all men bit from
          I drank from the chalice
          where all men drank from

          but all for naught were my deeds
          for even before the gods
          do what they exist for —

          — all men already judged me

          hence, to fit in, to fit in
          that which all men sought
          — a sense of belonging
          I ask to the gods

          I sing all the praises
          I bend down on my knees
          I clasp my hands
          I pray with all my heart

          but all men still pry
          into my ways of living
          and heard my pleas
          that are only for the
          almighty to give ear to

           "please deliver me from evil"

           but delivered was I to them

          — to all men
          and all the scars
          I have forcefully
          hidden inside me
          escaped and bode frailty
          for all of them to see

          reflected in their eyes
          was a man of sins
          when all I did was to make
          an impression of them

          I am sinful and so they are
          but only I was drowned
          in loneliness, disdain
          and vulnerability
          drawn out from their mouths
          gargled in holy waters

          but I wonder
          why the pain
          from their spits
          does not hurt anymore

          is it because
          they all still pray
          and the same gods,
          we share?

          that is when
          I finally realise –

          a sense of belonging
          or a sense of myself
          — neither matters
          in the world of the blinds
          hence, invisible or not
          I do not care anymore         
          when from the start
          life has always been unfair

          but I still pray
          I still pray to the gods
          for the ones who already left
          for the ones who still stay.

Poetry by Rin
Read 424 times
Written on 2020-02-18 at 23:59

Tags Life  Death  Acceptance 

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