Aye, Goodbye

o I adore thee
like the blinding sun
that gazes at my rifts
and glistens the dark spaces
of my being

one I yearned to be
yet one never will I become
for thy Judas kiss,
gracefully unveiled
amidst old winters
has banish'd all
my love for thee

once was I filled
with unfeigned affection
and high hopes
in the virtues of the world

alas, those joyful days
were now shadows of the past
and there forever
will frolic with thy sin
with my death

so go, mourn.

for the madness of I,
that blooms in what
now is a desolate field
of my good ol' heart
formed a new home
where I, alone, live
bereft of human ties
that once nurtured me

for silence turns
into foes
forgiveness turns
into vengeance
and you, yes, you!
you turn into
a masterpiece
of my sorrow,
unbeknownst of,
you created from
the ashes of guilt
left from my flames

aye, woe is all that you are!

and this wretched world
breeds more woes
at the thoughts of you

relish, hence, in my passing
my trembled soul,
again, will never be
yours to cure
for that soul has
left my mortal part
and flew up the skies

left here undraped
is a cold, vile vessel
spent of sympathy

if you know the
state of war I am in,
to be saved,
I could have been
but nay!
robbed was I
by your hideous
gratitude towards
millions of Alice
images scattered
like withered leaves
that envelop your
skin of scars

aye, aye!
bathed in bitter
sand and foul waves
is my aye!

so quiver!
quiver for in
this world
I shall meet
your last gasp
of cold demise
in my mind
in my heart

let us be fair, shall we?

o I adore thee
in these harsh verses
departed of

so for one last time
hear me

I say

keep your
and naive
in garments of
for in my demise
I vow,
you will mourn


Poetry by Rin
Read 276 times
Written on 2020-02-08 at 20:30

Tags Betrayal 

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